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  • "Our Members Make it Possible" certainly described the entire theme of the evening.
  • With the ceremony out of the way, everyone enjoyed the delicious cake, and ended the evening with a general spirit of celebration
  • After all the awards had been given, it was time for a "family" photo with northwest members.
  • Both David Castner and Rowene Ennis have helped to coordinate one of our larger fundraisers in the Spokane area for the last two years. Great job, Dave & Rowe... CONGRATS!!!
  • Dave and Rowene were both named Members of the Year for their extraordinary volunteer efforts in their area over the last two years.
  • 2014 Members of the Year! Dave Castner and Rowene Ennis
  • Oregon Member, Travis Sumpter appreciated! (Accepted by the Chair and Vice Chair in their absence)
  • Moses Lake member Laurie Schuler was recognized for her incredibly resourceful volunteer efforts in helping to organize a local fundraising event.
  • Oregon member, and member of the board, Gene Mortimore was honored for his hard work and dedication in single-handedly getting the actual work of cleanup and preparation, on the site, underway.
  • Two other members were honored in 2014. Chip Lowell, donation of a hand-carved sign marks the NMRM site. Keith Watson, whose donation of a flagpole and all the fittings stands proudly behind the sign
  • Oregon Members, Kraig and Paula Markuson were awarded a plaque in appreciation of their help with local events and sharing information with their fellow riders in their area.
  • Oregon Members, Mel and Cheryl Fawver honored for their help with local Oregon events, and representing the NMRM to local riders.
  • Our very own TROLL, Lee Eakin, a Washington Member, was recognized for his hard work, dedication, and ongoing efforts with our Facebook presence, since 2012
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