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NMRM is:
The National Motorcycle Rider's Memorial Association is a 501.(c)(3) organization.  Your generous donation will help keep the NMRM running.  Without you there would be no NMRM.  We need your help!

NMRM Mission:
The National Motorcycle Rider's Memorial Association is dedicated to providing a place where people can memorialize their friends, family, and loved ones who had a passion for riding motorcycles.  This place will be free from discrimination of race, religion, politics, group membership, organization, or club affiliation.

The NMRM Story
In the heart of the Palouse country in the Pacific northwest, a motorcycle rider by the name of Steve Humphrey started to organize and sponsor an annual event which came to be known as Badger Mountain Boogie.  One of his good friends and a Boogie attendee, Russ Nealy, who was somewhat the life (clown) of the party had passed away in 2001.  Russ didn't pass from an accident, nor any act of violence, but from a supposedly routine surgical procedure.  His blood pressure dropped suddenly and Russ lost his life.  It was a big funeral with many motorcycles escorting Russ to the cemetery.  Steve says, "I remember touching his wood grain casket and saying, "I will never forget you."".  A couple years later friends, Andy Warner and Steve Seifert brought Russ Nealy's sissy bar (a temporary grave marker) to the Badger Mt. Boogie with them.  Their thought was that Russ could still party with them even if it were just in spirit. 

They placed the marker on the hill above the event area.  It wasn't too long afterwards that Andy called Steve to inform him that another brother had died on Christmas Eve.  The next summer, Andy brought another sissy bar with a "Hammer" welded to it.  Gary Hammer joined Russ up on the hill and overlooked the Boogie in spirit.  At that point in time others started to ask Steve Humphrey if they could put something up on the hill for their lost loved ones to also be at the Boogie in spirit.  Steve started to make wooden crosses with metal plaques to honor fallen friends so they could also be remembered and be there in spirit.  Now, when you gaze up on the hill above the Badger Mt. Boogie there are two sissy bars and over 50 memorial crosses memorializing friends lost to the sands of time.  Several people at the Boogie started to tell Steve that he should do something more.  This is the essence of what the National Motorcycle Memorial Association is all about.  

The NMRM has a physical site at Shelton Wayside Park near Fossil, OR, as well as here (online) to memorialize those riders who have gone before us.  To honor those throughout the years who have made motorcycling what it is today.  We are in the process of establishing a memorial site for all to be proud of and eventually part of, even if only in spirit..."We will never forget".

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