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Welcome to the National Motorcycle Riders Memorial (NMRM) Assoc.

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NMRM Rider Memorial:
The NMRM is proud to provide Rider Memorials.  The NMRM Rider Memorial is accessible from the main menu.  Any brick submissions made, once processed, will be visible from the NMRM Memorial page on the main menu.  So, please consider memorializing your loved one or any fallen rider on the NMRM Rider Memorial. 

Every motorcyclist in the United States has either lost someone close to them, or knows someone else who has. We have all felt the pain of losing a brother or sister, and we all feel the desire to remember those loved ones, and honor them for the contributions they made, and for the way they touched the lives of those around them.

The National Motorcycle Riders Memorial (NMRM) Association is dedicated to creating a special place for just this purpose. We are developing a National Memorial where fallen riders from all over the country can be remembered and honored by family, friends, and those who knew and loved them most.

This memorial will allow riders from every state to visit and pay their respect to their fallen friends in one location. It is a place for the celebration of those lives, and a place to meet with other brothers and sisters to reminisce and remember all of those we have lost.

The NMRM Assoc. held a dedication event on Aug. 2nd, 2014, in Wheeler County, Oregon, where this hand carved sign was unveiled. The ceremony marked the official dedication of a new National Memorial. The new site is a ¾-mile-long stretch of abandoned two-lane road that runs through a beautiful county park, and is situated on one of the most scenic highways in the country. Shelton Wayside County Park, on the John Day highway is now the permanent home of the first-ever National Memorial to fallen Riders. Although the development of the memorial has just begun, and will continue for many years into the future, the park remains open to the public, and riders can visit the memorial site even now.

Plans for development of the memorial site will include the placement of bricks engraved with the names of fallen riders, wall sections that will bear the names of fallen members of groups and organizations, 

and garden-like areas that will offer quiet resting places and secluded meditation spots for visitors.

A visitors’ center will offer computerized location of individual memorials, and an on-site engraving facility will allow families and groups to personally place the memorials for their loved ones.

Eventually, we hope to be able to add works of art by biker artisans, and even a small museum of motorcycling history.

Developing a new National Memorial is no small task, and creating one of this size, with only volunteer effort and donated funds, is a very ambitious project. We believe that the motorcycling community is up to the challenge. Only if we work together, can we hope to create a memorial that truly reflects our commitment to honoring those we have lost.

We hope you will join with us in this effort by becoming a member, sponsoring or donating toward a memorial brick for a fallen rider, or by making a one-time cash donation to our general development fund.

Because the NMRM Assoc. is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, All of your donations are tax-deductible.


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